Top 3 reasons why you should migrate your offline events to virtual & hybrid


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The smart ones who took no time to shift to virtual, are the ones who are thriving. Virtual events have proved time and again that it is not just an alternative, but a much viable and effective option than a physical or offline engagement. With hybrid events gaining momentum and physical gathering seeming a distant dream, the future of offline events is not only bleak, but it is going obsolete.

For those who are still thinking, there’s never been a better time to move to virtual events & hybrid events. Here are the top reasons that will close the loop and help you make a shift.

Better ROI, lesser spends

No matter which kind of event you are organizing, ROI always remain the primary objective. Specially when almost all businesses are struggling with their reduced marketing budgets, ensuring maximum return always seems daunting. With virtual events you can literally expect more ROI than a physical event, that too by spending way lesser.

This is mainly due to the fact that a virtual event or hybrid event will cut-down a lot of operational bottlenecks and wastage associated with offline arrangements. On a virtual event platform, you don’t have to think about costs associated with delegate flight bookings, hotel stays or refreshments. You can instead focus on more engaging ways to connect with your audience and creating more relevant and value-added content.

Integration, LIVE streaming, more outreach

Remember those days when you had your share of challenges with offline events? After spending considerably on production, audience generation, speakers and other logistics, you still had limitations in terms of outreach. Those who went for that had to shed extra to get an entire big event LIVE streamed. But virtual events and hybrid events have practically ended all these. With smart digital branding and flexible customization features, the production of a virtual event primarily involves creation of engaging experiences and seamless content delivery. Besides, virtual event platforms have integrated LIVE streaming capability which makes it really easy to take any kind of event to a larger audience, anywhere in the world. With integrated social connect a virtual event make engagements more conversational, thus making the audience feel more connected.

Here’s how conversational marketing can help you connect and be more relevant. 

More intuitive in measuring performance

When virtual events were in their early stages, brands were still a little skeptical about the ability of virtual events to offer tangible benefits. With personalization being an important aspect of offline events, virtual events had this major challenge to solve, though it successfully replicated realism of a physical event. Thankfully, with AI coming in the picture, virtual event climbed the ladder swiftly and secured a top slot in the marketing mix. AI enabled bots and virtual smart assistants have become the new concierge and through data driven insights they can act as per the audience preferences, thus make a virtual experience more enjoyable, precise and personalized.

There’s always a lot going on in a virtual event. End number of sessions, speakers, parallel tracks etc. So how could you find what’s most relevant for you or what gives maximum value to your objective? Well, AI has solved this for sure, thus making virtual event more desirable for senior marketers.

Now that you have all the reasons with you, what’s holding you back? While you are thinking on how to go about it, let’s take the first step and shift to virtual & hybrid events by booking a free demo.



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