5 tried & tested tips for hosting successful hybrid events


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If we count all the great things that happened to event marketing in the past year, then virtual events will top the list, hybrid events being the second. Now that marketers have realized the potential of virtual events, they are taking things a notch higher with hybrid events – an emerging trend that is here to stay longer than we expect.

What is a hybrid event?

Simply said, a hybrid event is a combination of virtual event and in-person event. While a hybrid event has a traditional event flow, virtual component is added for more immersive audience experience. In a typical hybrid setting the actual physical sessions happen in front of a small percentage of Live audience, while the most of the audience is connected remotely. The blend of this physical aspect and remote aspect happens through a virtual platform.

Now here comes the most important question. What is takes to ensure that the hybrid even I host is successful?

While it depends on specific objective and kind of audience you cater to, our experience of hosting some of the best hybrid events tells that these 5 factors will largely decide your rate of success in hosting hybrid events.

Choosing the right hybrid event partner

Today options are everywhere. But the question is how to choose the right hybrid event partner. While a lot of brands take technology capabilities into consideration, the success of hybrid events depends largely on how integrated an event is. Since in-person experience is an integral part of a hybrid event, it is always good to go for agencies who have a strong background of executing physical as well as virtual events. There are lot of new players offering hybrid services, but a truly integrated agency can make the real difference.

Know how Kestone is changing the game with its suit of integrated services and helping brands to host some of the most successful hybrid events

Intuitive virtual platforms

The virtual component forms the basis of a good hybrid event; hence it is important what kind of virtual event platform you are choosing. Though there are lot of virtual event players operating in the market, only a few virtual platforms have intuitive capabilities. Now you may ask why ‘being intuitive’ is so important as a parameter? Primarily because an AI enabled platform increases the engagement quotient manifold. In a hybrid event attendee are diverse, some are attending in-person while a large number of audiences attending remotely. In this scenario doing justice to everyone’s preferences is often a challenge. But an AI enabled platform makes it really easy to drive insights which makes a hybrid event more targeted and engaging.

Here’s how Virsa - the first ever AI enabled virtual assistant is helping brands to host intuitive hybrid events.

User friendly interface

The success of hybrid events depends on how well you are addressing the needs and preferences of your audience. While a virtual interface acts as the primary bridge to give shape and form to the entire audience engagement, it is extremely important to have an interface which is accessible to everyone. Contrary to the general belief a virtual event platform or interface is not just about the design and technology used, it is about making that technology as easy to use and as accessible as possible.

Check-out how we have achieved this by building the post user friendly and accessible platform for virtual & hybrid events.


What it takes to keep audiences hooked to a hybrid event? The answer lies in the degree of personalization you have incorporated in a hybrid event. While the primary task is to blend the offline and online elements, offering flexible preference-based options to your audiences will actually make the difference. This is important because in hybrid events the audience is attending from diverse locations and devices, so everyone wants the best experience wherever they are. Personalization is also important in a hybrid event to create a platform for effective networking, a reason for which most people register.

Response time & resolution

Every initiative has its own share of obstacles and challenges. In offline events there are operational challenges, in virtual events it is mostly technical, but in hybrid events both operational and technical issues need to be addressed to make the entire engagement absolutely glitch free. In this regard it is important to gauge in advance how well a team is equipped to handle challenges in real-time. It is also important to keep other things into perspective such as the infrastructural capability of an agency and expert tech support to make a hybrid event truly successful.

If you take into account these broad factors, then we think you are good to start with your next hybrid event.

Still have some concerns? Well, booking a demo with us will help you take the first step.




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