4 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Sprucing Up Virtual Events


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Among all the emerging technologies, virtualization has experienced the most consistent growth in the last one year. The steady upward trajectory is not only in terms of offering more focused solutions, but also finding innovating ways to set the pace of business continuity in the ‘new normal’. Through virtual events brands have been able to restore their momentum which dwindled earlier when the pandemic had struck. With AI in the picture, it is now time for virtual events to move to the next big phase of growth.

Here’s some of the ways AI is driving innovation in virtual events

Bringing back the power of personalization

When virtual events were in their early stages, brands were still a little skeptical about the ability of virtual events to offer tangible benefits. With personalization being an important aspect of offline events, virtual events had this major challenge to solve, though it successfully replicated realism of a physical event. Thankfully, with AI coming in the picture, virtual event climbed the ladder swiftly and secured a top slot in the marketing mix. AI enabled bots and virtual smart assistants have become the new concierge and through data driven insights they can act as per the audience preferences, thus make a virtual experience more enjoyable, precise and personalized.

Finding Relevant Content is Now Easier

There’s always a lot going on in a virtual event. End number of sessions, speakers, parallel tracks etc. So how could you find what’s most relevant for you or what gives maximum value to your objective? Well, AI has solved this for sure, thus making virtual event more desirable for senior marketers. By interpreting data right from the stage when a delegate registers for the event AI driven algorithms suggests relevant content in the virtual event and also uses these insights to highlight top sessions. This, thereby, makes overall audience engagement for a virtual event more personalized, unlike any offline events.

A tool to create value added brand resources and use-cases

AI has become a valuable tool when it comes to accessing the resource center of any virtual event platform. An example of this is a newly launched bot called Virsa that listens to ongoing conversations in an event and converts them into text format for easier consumption of the session’s content post event. It not only enables one to access resources at any given point of time, but creates accurate insights on the performance of a particular session or piece of content. It also gives more clarity on who wants what and helps in creating more comprehensive virtual engagements.

Networking is more meaningful with AI

Networking is always a key factor for audiences to attend any event. Apart from relevant content, senior executives especially look for relevant peer groups to make fruitful conversations and exchange values. While in an offline event these could happen over a cup of coffee, in the buffet area or in private meeting rooms, in virtual event finding the right peers is a challenge. Now, with AI driven virtual events, audiences can effortlessly create connections and make conversations that can add tangible value to their business objectives. On AI enabled networking center things are not random as it will help to collaborate more fluidly and precisely.

If not all, these are some of the key things that AI is doing to virtual events. If you want to explore more on how AI is transforming the future of virtual events, click here.



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