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As there is advancement in technology day by day, customer’s expectations from a business are also increasing. In a fast-pacing world, where everyone has a shortage of time and patience, customers are no longer willing to wait for days in order to get a response from brands regarding their queries. Everyone wants a quicker and instant problem solving and responsive system, and that's where conversational marketing comes into the picture. In the marketing world, conversational marketing plays a significant role in maintaining a business-customer relationship. The primary goal of any brand or business is to satisfy customers and build a strong relationship with them, and conversational marketing is just a step towards it.

What is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational marketing mainly refers to one-to-one communication between brands and their customers. Instead of filling up contact forms and waiting for days for a response back from brands, customers prefer an instant communication system that provides answers to their problems in real-time.

From a business point of view, you can use conversational marketing to gain more insights into customer's points of view and difficulties they face while visiting your website. Conversational marketing not only solves customer's problems but also helps brands to gain data and insights for their business. This data can help you to modify your brand and keep making changes as per customer requirements and satisfaction.

So, at the same time customers engage with your business, you get the information you need from them! Isn’t it a win-win for both? There are plenty of conversational tools in the market a brand can opt for, like messaging apps and what not. But the most common and attractive tools a brand should go for are AI-based Chat-bots that provide automated solutions and helps your brand fight the competition too!

Conversational marketing has proved to be a successful technique to gain customer attraction and engage them with your website for a longer time. It also helps in expanding your customer database and grows your income.

Why Conversational Marketing?


The most common question popping-up right now in your mind must be, why should one business invest in conversational marketing?

If you ask us precisely the need for conversational marketing, it is- "To make customers feel heard."

When you start a business, apart from earning profits, your primary goal is to gain customer satisfaction, build a strong brand-customer relationship and gain loyal customers along with expanding your target audience gradually. And all these objectives are ultimately met while using conversational marketing.

Below you can find out, how conversational marketing works through tools like AI-based Chat-bots and helps your brand stand out from your competitors.

  • 24x7 Consumer conveniences- Compared to earlier, consumers are now less patient enough to wait for you to check their contact form and then solve their queries during office hours. They want instant solutions and answers to their questions. Let's suppose you're not working when they need a response, so what will happen? They will simply move on to another company that will be online at that time and ready to help them. The most significant advantage of conversational marketing is that when you use a tool, it is ready to help your customers 24x7. In this way, you will never miss any query and website visitor!

  • Efficient Communication system- For example, you're a business owner having a 20-member team, and on a busy day, you receive 50 queries all at once. What will you do? Will you ask all your team members to leave their respective work and engage with customers? Even if you do, there is a high chance of many queries getting left behind and hence, losing a potential customer. But when you use conversational marketing, it manages all the queries at the same time without any lack of resources and chaos. No matter whether the questions are 50,500 or 1000, conversational marketing tools can handle them all at once efficiently, which ultimately leads to customer satisfaction.

  • Personalized User Experience- When your customers interact with you, they expect a personalized response from your side and not any system-generated generic push text messages every time. Through conversational marketing tools, we can collect data from our customers based on their queries and personalize the conversation for them. For example, if a customer has requested for order shipment details, the next time he/she visits your site, the tool will automatically ask for their feedback on the recent purchase. Hence, making them feel more heard!

  • Get Customer Feedback- Through conversational marketing and solving customer's queries, and answering them, you can also ask them for feedback. In this way, you may get to know what users like and what they avoid seeing on your website. You can use this data to improve your user experience and also improve your product and services. 

  • Building Strong Customer Relationships- When you make a customer feel heard and provide them with a personalized user experience, the chances of them coming back to you increase positively. With conversational marketing techniques, you get ways to approach your potential customers and gain them as loyal customers for your brand. Data collected by conversational marketing tools, can help in exercising cross-selling to your customers based on their preferences. A considerable amount of useful information helps you provide consumers with more personalized and meaningful conversations. This will also encourage them to share your brand with others, refer it to them, and ultimately engaging more visitors and increasing website traffic!

Final Words

And, while wrapping up We hope that you were able to get more insight into what conversational marketing is and why a brand should go for it. With the advancement in technology, it seems brands need to focus on conversational marketing techniques at large to maintain their presence in the market and expand their business. After all, in a market where content is king and context, as we call it, is queen, the customers are the King and Queen makers! It would help if you focused on more techniques to optimize user experiences and make your users feel heard and their opinions cared for. Sometimes advertising may not give you the desired results, but a loyal customer will always have your back!



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