‘Virtual Event’, a bright star for the Pharma & Healthcare Industry


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The word ‘virtual’ has literally become synonymous with ‘hope’. This is mainly due to the reason that the process of moving from uncertainty to seeing a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel, virtual has been both a companion and savior. A lot of businesses have designed their business continuity models solely based on the promise this virtual world has shown.

Among the plethora of things that ‘virtual’ constitutes, virtual events are perhaps the major driving force that is shaping up modern marketing and certainly creating new trends and processes to design value added programs.

A great reference can be drawn from the kind of engagements the Pharma & Healthcare industry is doing and how they have joined forces with virtual events to create a more sustainable future. Being the most crucial industry on which the future depends, the pharma & healthcare industry is right on their feet to create innovative programs, re-defining policies and creating a workforce that is dedicated to take every challenge head-on. It is worth mentioning that most of these are happening on virtual event platforms.

To site a more specific use-case, global advisor and thought leader in the field like Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society have leveraged virtual events to create some really interesting and comprehensive engagements to offer expertise in health innovation, public policy, workforce development, research and analytics to advise global leaders, stakeholders and influencers on best practices in health information and technology. Read complete case study

Virtual event in HealthcareMedical conferences are also crucial to the industry as these events are a melting pot of practitioners and play an important role in formulating policies and gives a strategic direction to the industry in terms of adoption of best practices, introduction of new mechanisms, advancement of diagnostics etc. Since the pandemic Virtual event platforms have been widely preferred to host these kinds of events on the global scale. Recently Rainbow Children’s Hospitals hosted the International Medical Conference virtually and the event saw an impressive participation by 500+ attendees including prominent medical practitioners, pediatricians and over 50 super specialist doctors.

Similar virtual engagements were also done by leading pharma player like Sun Pharma for its employees and field force to engage, aware and discuss about crucial policies, future road-map and the way forward.

Apart from virtual events which are solely policy driven, the industry has also been leveraging virtual event platforms to create virtual realism to modernize their patient relations services. It is particularly useful for old people who are more vulnerable to the virus. Besides the social distancing norms have made it difficult to travel easily. Hence, various hospitals are creating virtual clinics where one can get a preliminary check-up done and consult a doctor in real-time. Pharma companies are also exploring the possibilities of creating virtual medical stores where people can check the availability of a medicine, see the medicine in virtual shelves and add it to their carts.

Overall, the pharma & healthcare industry is actively innovating in the virtual space and virtual event is one of the key areas where they are focusing. The virtual event platforms are one the other hands are showing lots of promises in terms of possibilities as over the last months it’s been proved that the platforms can be leveraged for lot of possibilities, other than just events.



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