The Next Big Thing in Virtual Events - Virsa, AI Driven Bot from Kestone


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Over just one-year, virtual events have unlocked perspectives that not only drove sustainable results, but also proved that it is the most value driven technology for connecting and engaging with a larger audience base. This is perhaps mainly due to the fact that virtual events are intuitive and generates more real-time insights as compared to offline events, apart from the fact that these are way for cost effective when it comes to ROI and dealing with operational bottlenecks of physical events.

But in a dynamic digital ecosystem where preferences, data consumption patterns and algorithms are changing really fast, relying on quality rather than quantity can actually decide the optimum success of a campaign.

Here we are with Virsa – our brand-new AI driven bot that is destined to change the future of virtual engagements. Adding up to the existing intuitive features of Kestone virtual event platform, Virsa will make audience engagement more immersive using AI based algorithm and intuitively showing relevant content, session details, resources to the virtual event audience based on their profile, interest areas, domain expertise and preferences.

Virsa is not only designed to increase the engagement quotient of a virtual event manifold, but will help in deep diving into audience’s preferences based on their on-event behavior.

How Virsa Can really make a difference?

Aligning content, data and algorithm-based analytics on a single platform.

Customizing content on the basis of a target group’s preferences is the most challenging thing, especially when it is a virtual event. The bot works with an advanced algorithm and applies the principles of data science to intuitively create and customize content based on varied sets of preferences. The bot will start interpreting data right from the stage when a delegate registers for the event and will use AI driven algorithms to suggested relevant content in the virtual event for them. This will, thereby, make overall audience engagement for an event more personalized.

The new bot also comes handy to the audience during the day of the event as it uses these insights to highlight top sessions. This keeps the audience hooked to an event as it is more relevant to their overall objective. Now your event doesn’t just generate insights, it generates unfiltered unadulterated data.

This also becomes a valuable tool when it comes to accessing the resource center of our virtual event platform. Virsa already listens to ongoing conversations in an event and converts them into text format for easier consumption of the session’s content post event. It not only enables one to access resources at any given point of time, but creates accurate insights on the performance of a particular session or piece of content. It also gives more clarity on who wants what and helps in creating more comprehensive virtual engagements.

Networking center is one of the many awesome features of our virtual event platform that has done wonders for some really successful virtual campaigns. Virsa just makes the experience even more intriguing. Now audiences can effortlessly create connections and make conversations that can add tangible value to their business objectives. On our Virsa enabled networking center things are not random as it will help to collaborate more fluidly and precisely.

When it comes to other possibilities, Virsa can be considered as the next big thing in virtual event and it can open new doors of opportunities which are aligned to the overall goal of your business.

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