The Microsoft Future Decoded Summits - Where The Prominent Tech Futurists Came Together!


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Mr. Satya Nadella, the CEO, Microsoft, recently visited India, and the tech world couldn’t keep calm. Joining him was Mr. Jean-Philippe Courtois (JPC), Executive Vice President and President of global sales, Microsoft. The visit was kicked off with the Microsoft Future Decoded CEO Summit, Mumbai, which was an invite-only event with the invites organized by Kestone. This was done by first profiling the top CEOs of the country, shortlisting the organizations that could have been invited, and confirming the presence of 140+ CEOs from all over India. There were 700+ attendees of this event in all with 400+ participants of AI Business School and 167+ certifications provided.

“When you look at the next ten years, we need broader productivity and broader cross-sectorial impact of digital technology. In other words, the next ten years are going to be defined by digital technology”, Satya said. And we couldn’t agree more. The future of our nation will be undoubtedly driven by technological innovation and Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned. The aim of this summit was to find invitees whose visions about India’s role in the digital transformation journey are in sync with that of Mr. Satya Nadella’s and we saw some exemplary and harmonious exchange of ideas.

The Future Decoded CEO Summit was started by Mr Anant Maheshwari, President, Microsoft India, where he shared insights into the Indian market and introduced JPC. JPC had a fireside chat with TCS’s MD Rajesh Gopinathan. This was followed by Mr. Satya Nadella’s keynote and a quick fireside chat with Mr. Mukesh Ambani, MD Reliance Industries. The event was telecasted live on leading channels, and there was a large group of leading media and analysts attending the event.

The CEO Summit was followed by the Microsoft Future Decoded Tech Summit, which was facilitated, managed, and executed by Kestone in its entirety. It was a delight to see such brilliantly visionary minds coming under the same roof and deliberating on ideas that can take our country a step ahead. This was again an invite-only event for top CEOs, CXOs, ITDMs in Bangalore. 700+ delegates attended the event, and it was streamed live on 7 tech campuses and 21 satellite campuses, a total of 35k campus attendees, and additionally, 700k estimated online viewers.

And what a spectacle of innovation and futurism, this event was! Starting with Mr. Satya Nadella’s rendezvous with various CEOs, studying the various start-up ideas under the accelerator program, the highlights of this event were Mr. Anant Maheshwari, President, Microsoft India’s speech and Satya’s keynote address.

Going with the sustainability vision, we organized seed paper badges for the delegates as an alternative to regular badges and also, handed over pots to plan the seed paper badges. The events brought the who’s who of the tech industries under one roof for the benefit of investors, consumers, and innovators. We take great pride in the fact that Kestone was the one entrusted with the responsibility of the execution of these digital innovation summits, where the innovative ideas and positivity about the future were palpable. It was an absolute pleasure to create a platform for the richest minds in the business and we look forward to many more such enriching opportunities!



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