Worried About The Impact of Lockdown On Your Sales Funnel?


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Is this the end of business continuity, as we know it? Does that mean that the businesses will have to start all over again after losing considerable revenue during the lock-down months? No, not necessarily. COVID-19 has actually provided businesses with an opportunity to disrupt their way to the customers/partners in newer and more digital-friendly ways. It is only a matter of time that this becomes the way of business for the uninitiated.

Many reports have proven that the consumption of content across digital media has grown considerably, and now is the time to cash on this shift. Following are the ways in which you can ensure that your sales funnel doesn't dry up, lock-down or no lock-down.

Move Your Events Online

Virtual events are perhaps the most underrated of online marketplaces today because most partners are not aware of the scale at which these events operate. From creating pre-event buzz through gifs, emailers to the day of the event when Augmented Reality provides you next-to-real via registration, webinars, and between-the-session engagements, that an online event ends up achieving much more than a physical one. The post-event product-wise lead generation flow helps you keep an accurate track of just how well the event was taken by the audience and the ROI analysis can give you future lessons on how much of an investment per lead generated must you be looking at. Kestone has delivered over 100 such virtual events with great finesse; you can find our case studies here.

Plan Your SEO and Social Media Strategy

Once you know your target audience, a marketing agency like Kestone, can help you design an end-to-end social media campaigns that cover the entire lead- generation lifecycle- designing strategies, implementing them and tracking the leads from generation to consideration and sale.

Google Ad campaigns and lead generation via LinkedIn are some tools that prove to be extremely cost-effective if you adopt it via experts. In fact, the cost per lead on the latter can be 28% than on Google AdWords. The same goes for SEO & PPC campaigns that help you to get noticed by your audience and in a way that drives traffic onto your social media pages and websites.

Re-look at Your Website and Mobile Apps

We know the marketing budgets are probably the first to get slashed down because of the considerable drop in primary revenue for most businesses. But a different take on this can say that if you reach your audience physically, then how else do you ensure the recall and presence? Creating the most fantastic websites and apps for our customers, has been Kestone’s forte. So, let us get together and ensure the bare minimum is in place for your brand to bounce back to business when the situation allows. With conversion rate optimization, we can ensure that the leads traffic gets converted to brand growth.

It is time to look at this unprecedented event as an opportunity to take calculated risks and not let the ball drop! We would love to partner with you on this roller coaster ride and ensure that we get you the results you desire. For more details and our product offerings, click here.



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