5 questions you should ask before choosing the right virtual event platform


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These 4 months of isolation and social distancing have taught us one thing for sure, how to redefine ourselves. Overcoming the initial intensity of paranoia, we are now getting used to the new normal. Not very long back when brands got clueless about the future of marketing, engagement and out-reach, have now seen the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to this day and age of digital innovation where a new virtual world is shining bright to show that path of enlightenment to many.

A large number of leading brands have also acknowledged the future potential these virtual platforms hold as they have got a first-hand experience of flexibility, customization and more intuitive engagement which were not always present in physical engagement.

So, as a brand or a business, if you are still thinking to ride on this wave of virtual engagement and want to give more power to your sales, lead-generation or brand awareness campaigns, then this the right time.

But before you go for it, here are 5 questions you should ask before choosing the right virtual event platform


How easy is it for me & my customers to sign-in and quickly get access to the virtual space? Remember, the objective of a virtual platform is to offer the same experience like its physical counterpart. So, a seamless user-experience is the primary condition for a virtual platform to make an engagement as real as an on-ground one.


Is the platform technically enabled to predict my audiences’ preferences and generate data-driven insights? While the idea is to replicate a physical engagement or event in a virtual environment, a virtual platform enabled with intuitive technology makes an engagement more effective and measurable. For e.g. Kestone virtual event platform is powered with AI enabled technology which measures performance accurately and helps in identifying what the target audience actually want.

Response Time

How fast my real-time queries and issues are resolved? In a physical event, there are volunteers, there are human to human contact, there are some-one or other to take care of you. The same thing can be replicated when a virtual platform has a strong back-end. Ultimately it depends on how fast the platform responds to queries and solves them in-real time during a live engagement.


How seamlessly I can connect with my peers across mediums through the platform? This depends on how integrated and technologically advanced the networking features are. In Kestone virtual event platform the networking features lets you create meaningful conversations and interact in-Real-time not only on the platform, but across multiple social media platforms.

Customized Engagement

Does the platform allow me to plug-in customized engagement options with utmost flexibility? This is an important feature which many virtual event service providers fail to offer. Unlike others, Kestone virtual platform understands that in today's world of diminishing attention span, customized engagement is the only way to keep your audiences hooked to an event, or for that matter to your brand.

While, these are some of the primary questions you should ask before choosing the right virtual event partner, there’s definitely a lot more to explore in a virtual event platform. To know more about the treasure trove known as Kestone Virtual Event Platform, book a demo now.



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