Top Reasons Why Your Brand Should be on Telegram


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Did you know that apart from Social Media platforms, people spend most of their waking hours on Social Messaging apps like Telegram? In fact, Telegram as already crossed the mark of 400 million plus monthly users. This might seem paltry in front of the messaging giant WhatsApp, but the trend appears set to rise in case of Telegram.

So, if you are a Brand or a Social Marketer working for Brands then Telegram is something that you should definitely look into. Here, I will chalk out some of the top reasons why you should have been on Telegram yesterday.

Tap you real audience

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While people often scroll past and consume a myriad of content on Social Media platforms, it is on the Messaging apps like Telegram where they meaningfully engage and interact with your content. That is to say, read and share it further ahead.



This is another great value to this messaging app, it is available on almost all of the major platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows for mobile, Mac, Windows and Linux for desktop apps and a separate web version. So, you can relax that your customers can access it anytime, anywhere.

It is FREE

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Every marketer’s pet word, free. Yes, there are no cost included and there are no restrictions as well in terms of sending images, videos, text and voice messages in a day. So whether you are using it for your personal reasons or for business communications, there are no costs involved here.

Telegram Bots


Telegram offers a powerful tool in the form of chat bots to automate some of the processes. You can customize and optimize the chat bot as per your business needs and reduce a huge load of manual work. Not only this would ease up your load but would greatly impact the customer experience as well.


Telegram Safety

All the messages on Telegram are end-to-end encrypted. Also, it is one of the most hack-proof platforms which hasn’t been hacked as of yet. In fact, the owners of Telegram encourage people to try and hack it by offering a reward of $300K if they succeed.

In a nutshell, there are only upsides in exploring one of the fastest growing messaging apps and taping its potential to raise awareness for your or your client’s brand.



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