Top demand generation trends to follow for the festive season


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As brands are gearing up for the festive season, industry experts believe that there would be a hike of almost 12% in the marketing and advertising expenditures. Even though the economic slowdown has dampened the spirit a bit, there is still big advertising spends projected by the corporates owing to the reduction in the corporate taxes.

Here, we have listed out some of the popular marketing trends that has proven beneficial to the brands in the past.

Prioritizing Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Today, the digital platforms offer a two-way communication channel which allows the marketers to interact with their targeted audience. And since there is a size-able chunk of population consuming digital content on a regular basis, tapping them first makes a lot of sense.

Through creative content and customized outreach marketers can not only introduce their campaigns, but also maintain the buzz momentum while driving the brand value higher.

Break the Ceiling

If you are the first one to introduce a trend or an idea, chances are that you will get an instant mileage. And if it speaks to your targeted customers and strikes a chord with them, then you are most likely to gain a lot with it. Exactly for this reason, many brands choose to curate campaigns that bears an emotional sentiment for their targeted audience.

The moment marketing is also gaining trend for past couple of years. More and more brands are curating special products and services keeping the festive needs and demands in mind. Such customized offerings often lead to better chances of brand promotion and sale.

Tap the Festive Shopping Trend

Festive Shopping

During the festive season, there is always a huge jump in consumer spending. Be it consumer durables, food and beverages or travel. So, the best way to make the best use of this time is by doing two things, rewarding those who are loyal to your brand by offering special offers. And second would be to entice the newer customers by offering lucrative discounts.

These days, more and more people are inclined towards e-shopping and whichever platform offers the best deals, gets the maximum of customer footfalls. So, a marketer has to keep this in mind while strategizing and planning their ad spends.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a great tool which if utilized well, can bring in a lot of ROI, in both online and offline marketing streams. A known face endorsing a product has always carried a greater weightage for their audience as it brings together the combined trust value of the brand as well as the endorser.

Meme Marketing

Of late, this has proven to be an extremely efficient way of promoting a brand amongst the marketers. Riding the trend wave by weaving the brand story with a current event has struck a chord with a major chunk of the audience. This often brings a quirky and fun element into the brand marketing, which has proven very effective with the younger section of the audience pool which consumes quick, and if not interested, forgets even quicker.



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