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Who says event planning can only be done by event managers? But let's face it; event industry in India is highly unorganized. This makes successful execution of your event entirely dependent on a battalion of vendors and not all organizations can afford a seasoned event management agency to circumvent them. That's where PocketEvents comes in, our humble attempt to uncomplicate things and make organizing an event doable for masses.

It's an app which brings event management in a DIY format to you. A cocktail of various event services, PocketEvents, is your go-to event guide. It's literally Event-In-A-Box! We have got you a safe haven squeezing out our own experiences and in an interface that invites you to take charge.

First things first, PocketEvents has a collection of over 10,000 event venues and their details! And by venue we don't mean hotels, we mean the conference halls where the events actually materialize. Nowhere else will you find this level of detailed information ready at your fingertips. Just tell us the quantum of your event and PocketEvents does the rest.

Provided our event-management experience of over two decades, we know exactly what your struggles might be. And that brings us to the heart of the event- the sound, lights et al. Don't you worry, watch us turn technical engineers for you. We custom curate solutions and bring them to life on stage with precision. It is child's play when you have pre-configured setup options that make you a choirmaster and you just sit back and relax!

Now let us dress the event up, shall we? PocketEvents has oodles of pre-designed event decor templates for you to choose from. There's more. You can even download all of this artwork for free! We have designed an event genie for you, you name it and we have it ready.

While all the elements of your event jigsaw come together via PocketEvents charmingly, should you need any support with executing your event on-ground, you may opt for our in-app consultancy. With PocketEvents, we have attempted to turn our event-expertise into a capsule of ready-to-deploy solutions, available for everyone to experience. A successful event is an adrenaline rush of its own kind and we know this better than any other. We want you to experience this high with PocketEvents as your wingman.

Come be a part of this event-revolution! You may download the App from Playstore or visit us at www.pocketevents.in.



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