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MeltingPot2020, a flagship CL Educate event, is a one-of-its-kind platform that facilitates collaboration between the path-breaking innovators and industry giants. And what a success its 2019 edition was! Our chairperson Dr RA Mashelkar very fondly mused at the beginning of this year's edition that it needs to be our resolve that the 'I' in India will stand for innovation and not inhibition or imitation. Well, the best start-up award that was up for grabs and the 36 competitors channeling their best synergies forward, sure made it look like the 'I' has arrived!

The awardees are NextOrbit Inc, ITILITE, Kristnam Technologies Pvt Ltd, Stones2Milestones Edu Services Pvt Ltd and Actionable Science Inc in the Best Start-up section under various categories. Also, the best Young Innovators are Mechagen Robotics and Swami Vivekanand Institute of Technology. And that is the beauty of this summit, it marries the problem solvers with the solution seekers. It does so with in-depth and thought-provoking discussions around the subjects. This year's keynotes addressed two very real enablers in the industry: skill-based leadership and the academia-industry ecosystem. With speakers ranging from the corporate giants to budding start-ups to respected academia, it is the holy trinity of the new-age revolution sharing the same stage. It also puts a range of theories into perspective when the live discussions are open for Q&A.

The summit made sure that every member present had a pertinent takeaway in terms of the issues addressed. From discussing strategies to democratize talent identification to developing an entrepreneurship culture on campuses, it has the best minds from across domains exchanging ideas and trying to bridge the gaps. That these spheres work in silos at times is well-known but at the same time, the relevance of these discussions states the need for such platforms loud and clear! Of course, no business dialogue can conclude without discussing the mammoth impact of technology and the digital wave on businesses as a whole. It was thought-provoking to learn the approach of start-ups towards customer centricity, provided that they have been born in the eyes of the two above said tornadoes.

Overall, MeltingPot2020 saw coming together of eminent speakers from every sphere of this ecosystem to form new synergies. Well-coordinated to the T, the event saw massive participation in the audience as well. We'd like to thank each and every individual that was involved in making our event this grand a success and look forward to getting more relevant gaps addressed in the future editions. Let us dream of a better India, together!



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