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When it comes to Social Media Marketing, it is often observed that while the decision about whether or not a company uses SM as a marketing platform is a no-brainer; but effective content might just not be at the top of our minds. In simpler words, while the concept of content marketing is not so elusive anymore, a content marketing strategy in place might not be a common sight. Probably this is one of the reasons that even today most marketers are trying to find ways of a more organic and effective content reach. The answers might lie in the underutilized platforms like LinkedIn.

One look at the SMM Industry 2019 report by Social Media Examiner and you shall see a huge gap between the expected reach of Facebook over any other social media platform. It is a clean sweep. While LinkedIn ranks 4th in the overall use, the B2B marketers seem to place more faith in the platform with 80% of them using LinkedIn to reach out. Also, the curiosity about LinkedIn as a platform has decreased considerably which also goes to show the opportunity lost, especially for the smaller businesses on tight budgets wherein SMM is not just a part of their marketing strategy but constitutes the whole of the strategy.

Here's how you can use the platform to your advantage better-

Establish Thought Leadership- Are you an influencer under wraps? Is your product solving a long pending problem? Is your organization setting new standards for the culture? No matter what kind of thought leadership you aim to portray, so long as you have a view and the view is helping your target audience achieve a certain level of understanding; LinkedIn is the best place for marketing the thought leadership. Also, this is one area where other platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. are not as effective simply because your customer exists on these platforms to consume different forms of content and a thought leadership article might not be one of them.

Lead Generation - Use InMail, create groups, write long-form articles, use analytics, target customer profiling or retarget the customers by the matching audience tool - LinkedIn has a plethora of options for you to use the platform as an effective lead generation tool. Yes, some of the features shall be paid, but isn't that even better? A quantifiable lead generation tool that is capable of a cost-benefit analysis? LinkedIn is any day more capable of correct customer profiling because of the sheer number of users that exists on it.

A unique LinkedIn content strategy- The higher aim, at the end of it all, is to reach a maximum number of audiences organically and with effective recall. Therefore, your content strategy for Facebook will not work for LinkedIn, in all likelihood. Hence, it is suggested that it is used for what it is built- forging relationships and encouraging networking. Work on your company profile on LinkedIn and create content that is specific to it; you will see the lead generation and organic website visits grow manifold.

It does take some understanding of the platform to build a more effective strategy, but a strategy here is a must. To milk what is available with LinkedIn takes a thorough understanding of your customer at Facebook vis a vis your customer at LinkedIn. The latter is more ready for industry insights, in-depth content and has the mindset of participating in business; he/she isn't there for leisure. Let us put the audience interest where it belongs and find relevant ways to grow our businesses!



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