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Experiential marketing is no longer for the elite brands. With the emerging product pool, a new brand is breathing into the consumer market everyday and experiential marketing is the new flavour that is making its mark in sales and strategy for them. It’s highly imperative that current marketers master the art of generating lead through experiential marketing, which can create that much needed brand connect for the customer. This blog will focus on how to make your audience actively participate in your branding event, build the relationship of trust and cultivate an opportunity to delve more into their psyche for future association. Sharing a few tricks of the trade!

Designing Suitable Contests and Prize Giveaways

Contests help ease out info from consumers, but questions should be directed to your company’s requirement. Host a prize giveaway and you would be able to retrieve the attendee contact information. A very common method utilized at brand kiosks of product summit and conclaves, marketers only can ask consumers to provide the data they want for entry to win. However, giving away a relevant prize is essential to get qualified leads. E.g., a home monitoring service should give away free installation of an alarm service, and not a cooler. This will certify whether participants are genuinely interested in your brand.

Surprising them on the Go

Sometimes, companies use this approach and take their marketing on the road. We might have spotted one at a festival when a restaurant sells some smaller samples of their menu items to festival-goers. Lean Cuisine’s gallery of “scales” in New York's Grand Central Station, which invited woman to "weigh in” for things that really mattered to them in their life’s journey instead of their body mass, was an absolute hit and it led to over 204 million impressions for the brand.

Creative engagement to capture more data

Engagement through creative activities leaves a long-term effect on the mind. Such strategies include setting up a photo booth, and then allowing attendees to download their images with a personalized code and email address. A fun quiz that produces a result related to the product can also help. For example, alcohol brands can offer a digital quiz to capture individual preferences and deliver a cocktail recipe that fits their personality. Guessing games are one easy means for entering event attendees into a contest and acquiring contact details

Trade incentives for consumer information

When consumers are asked to hand over their personal details, they’ll expect something in return. Sometimes, it is wiser to give samples without capturing the info, hereby creating an opportunity. This way, you let your potential customer carry your product/service token home.

Some companies often mistake experiential marketing as a passing rage and tend to overlook certain details that are essential for its success. Keeping your target audience in mind, a proper event staff, follow-up team, relative conversation with the audience at the event will generate quality leads. Compromising on any one might not serve the purpose.



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