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Satya Narayanan R

Satya Narayanan R. is an entrepreneur, teacher, founder and chairman of CL Educate, one of the few listed EdTech companies with presence in Asia, North America and Africa. The well known brands such as Career Launcher, Indus World Schools were founded by Satya. Satya is a much sought-after advisor on policy and governance in the areas of education and entrepreneurship. Satya is on the MHRD steering committee 2019 on National EduTech Policy. He authored and chaired the New Education Policy for Delhi Government in 2014 that has transformed school quality education. He is a Govt appointee on I&ECT Academy (A IITKanpur - Meity Project for cloud university). Satya has been a mentor-investor in young start-ups directly as well as through venture funds for over two decades. He is active in cross-border growth mentoring through South Africa Bootcamp, Yournest, Z5 (USA) and Z5-Wain Fund in India and Africa.
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November 19, 2020

From Classrooms to Virtual Rooms: The Changing Lan...

Digital Marketing Virtual Events Platform

In India, teaching-learning dynamics is different from the rest of the world to a great extent. This is mainly due the fact that the concept of ‘Guru-Shishya’ tradition still plays an important role i...



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