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AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages, Google's 2015 initiative to speed up mobile pages by eliminating unnecessary codes and scripts like Javascript has great potential. As of now, over 31 million domains are serving over 6 billion AMP. With over 3.9 billion email users and 293 billion emails sent every day, studies have shown that almost 72% of people prefer receiving promotional content through email marketing and almost 70% of the billions of emails sent daily are read on mobile devices.

Supported by Gmail and, AMP technology is here to revolutionize bulk email marketing by adding dynamic content to previously static flat email pages. Using AMP, websites now load 4x faster, and brands can leverage this opportunity as they integrate AMP into email campaigns and overall marketing strategy to give customers a more satisfying experience.

AMP Email Compared to Previous Forms of Interactive HTML Email

AMP makes an email more interactive, actionable, engaging and relevant. Some of the other benefits include

  • Allowing users to respond right in the email, without having to visit a separate landing page.
  • Tasks such as submitting an RSVP, filling out a form, or scheduling an appointment can be done in the email itself, browsing interactive shopping sites and swiping through listings.
  • Helps the content stay dynamic, interactive and up-to-date and thus improves usability.
  • Aides in greater opportunity for eCommerce companies with its ability to add in real-time processing details and form submissions.
  • Since the AMP messages do not involve third parties, the conversation is shared only between a sender and a recipient.

AMP technology: How it amplifies Email marketing

AMP technology speeds up the mobile web and optimizes page performance, thus creating innovative ways for more versatile customer engagement. Since Gmail is the only platform that supports amp email templates; to send AMP email campaigns, one must register at Google as a dynamic content sender and also make sure the email automation service provider supports this technology. With new MIME, AMP emails are compatible in the current email ecosystem that allows emails to go back to HTML form if a provider doesn't support AMP emails.

Platforms like Stripo, eSputnik, Amazon SES and Amazon Pinpoint, Litmus, SparkPost and Twilio Sendgrid support AMP spec. Most of the AMP components such as Dynamic content (amp-form, amp-selector, amp-bind & amp-state, amp-list, amp-mustache), Presentation (amp-accordion, amp-carousel, amp-sidebar, amp-image-lightbox, amp-lightbox, amp-fit-text, amp-timeago) and Media (amp-img, amp-anim) are supported by AMP for email.

Few of the Best AMP Email Campaigns

Some of the best examples include Doodle, and is implementing AMP for Email by focusing on content and interaction models that their users would expect to find on their mobile app or website. uses the AMP email to help users pin the preferred images and see the content following it directly in the email. Users can also manage the subscription in Pinterest's AMP email. Doodle reminders are another example of AMP technology in emails.

The Case Against AMP for Email

One of the potential drawbacks of AMP is the need for developers to learn an entirely new software language and skillset just to create an email. It is also said that AMP for email is just another way for Google to control and insert itself into most aspects of the web experiences. Since it is an open specification, we need to see if this remains a Gmail specific feature or if other industry players such as ESPs, marketing tools and WSIWYG design tools begin to adopt it. Another possible drawback of AMP is the loss of website traffic.

What AMP in Email Means for The Future of Email Marketing

2019 did witness the rise of interactive content and email engagement rate but 2020 is the year of email content such as quizzes, games, image carousels, accordions, sidebar, bind etc. that is going to spike up the email engagement rate. CMOs, Heads of Growth, or anyone interested in Growth or Email Marketing will be using more of AMP as a tool to boost the overall CTR rate.




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