5 Ways You Can Make Your Podcast Reach a Wider Audience


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Whether it’s a service or a product, the end goal is to make it popular to as much people as possible. Earlier, it was all dependent on physical sweat and blood to get the work done. But the digital delivery of things has made life pretty easy for almost everyone. From start-ups to big brands, exploring digital mediums of marketing is the first priority and one should do it with absolute precision to make an outreach effort effective and sustainable. Among all the methods of new age marketing, podcast is perhaps the most effective and direct way to get noticed, but unfortunately it doesn’t really get the limelight it deserves.

So, here are 5 effective strategies that can help boost your podcast and help you reach your services & offerings faster to your audience than any other channels.

iTunesFirst thing first, when it comes to marketing your service offerings through podcasts, the number one goal should be to be on iTunes. 70% of podcasts are accessed and downloaded from iTunes alone. So, whether it’s about your newly launched virtual event platform or a portfolio of digital marketing services, presence on iTunes can really give your efforts a big push.


Now let’s talk about the strategies to reach there.

  1. Take into account your guest’s audience

Every podcast has two things, the host, i.e. you and the guest. Unlike other channels where you can share information about your brand and services as much as you can, in podcasts it’s the conversation that creates the value. In this case, your guest is the most important aspect which you can leverage to do the trick. Leverage the social media and fan following of your guests and send them shareable media so that promote the podcast episodes on their handles.

  1. Do it differently in social media

The best way to utilize social networks for marketing your podcasts is to follow few steps. You can start with just an update before the first episode goes live. From then on you can keep sharing. One way is to feature your iTunes URL on a tweet and pin that tweet on your Facebook post. You can also create simple quote images and use them as standalone posts on Facebook and LinkedIn with a link to iTunes. These kinds of posts acts as teasers and generate interest as it gives some kind of idea about what the conversation is about. Apart from these, another great idea is to create 15 second soundbite clips, upload on Soundcloud and then share on Twitter.

Podcasts - Digital Marketing

  1. Be ready with more than one episode

People always want to play safe when they are doing something for the first time. This also holds true for businesses who are doing podcasts for the first time. Their whole focus goes on creating that perfect first podcast, but what about if people don’t like it at all? The best strategy is to create 3 episodes when you first launch your podcast – one for the launch day and the next two for the coming weeks.

  1. Convert to YouTube

From a SEO point of view, its been observed that sometimes Google values videos 53 times as much as texts. So, it is a great idea to convert your audio file and create a YouTube version of your podcasts. Few direct befits can be, share-ability on social media, closed captioning and automatic transcripts and above everything, SEO benefits. You can easily create this YouTube version by using video stock footage which is most relevant to your podcast subject. The thumbnail can be either your logo or a creative highlighting your podcast topic.

  1. Make the best use of podcatchers and aggregators.

Podcatchers are apps that collect and play podcasts. Apart from these apps there are aggregator websites where you can submit your podcasts and get discovered fast by a lot of relevant audience. To start with you can go for some of the podcatchers like Overcast, Stitcher, Podcast Addict, Podcast subreddit, PodcastLand and TuneIn.

Digital MArketingThe world of digital marketing is really dynamic and it is changing every minute with new strategies and trends getting popular every day. So, though these are some of the tried and tested methods for better outreach, you can always try out new things which best suits your brand and business. Let’s start with the above-mentioned strategies and in the process, open your mind to a universe of opportunities that the world of digital marketing has to offer. At the end of the day, there’s nothing to lose and everything to win.

To know more about digital strategies, better outreach and effective lead generation for your business, you can explore our wide range of digital marketing services.



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