5 Tips for Crafting "Call to Actions" That Drive Conversions on Social Media


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Most of us believe in the old expression which says there’s excitement in the journey, but not in knowing the destination. But we are living in an era where even the greatest wisdom need a reality check. Let’s say, if we take the example of this expression in the digital age, then we shall have to agree that for marketing a product or solution effectively through digital channels, the ‘destination’ is as important as the ’journey’ and it is an imperative for brands and businesses to be absolutely focused so that the journey leads to a destination which is full of tangible and intangible values.

Herein comes the importance of ‘call to action’ or CTA in the world of digital marketing, which gives meaning to the journey of any campaign and considered as the most important tool in making a digital campaign effective on social media.

5 TIPS FOR CRAFTING CALL TO ACTIONS THAT DRIVE CONVERSIONS ON SOCIAL MEDIA - Kestone 2While most of the brands take good care in crafting the content for their social media posts, including the visual aspects, they often overlook the small statement that is responsible for the actual conversion. So, choosing the right CTA can actually do wonders for your social media posts.

Let’s take you through some basic tips of writing compelling CTAs so that your social media outreach becomes more effective and relevant.

  1. Be straight to your point, use powerful command words

5 TIPS FOR CRAFTING CALL TO ACTIONS THAT DRIVE CONVERSIONS ON SOCIAL MEDIA kestone 3While it is important to keep your post descriptions short and crisp, it is equally important to be a minimalist when it comes to the CTA. Don’t complicate things and communicate directly with the use of command words. These words are helpful when you intend your audience to take action. Some examples can be ‘Sign-up for free trial’, ‘Get an instant quote’, ‘Book a Demo of virtual platform’ ‘take a tour’ etc.

 2. Induce the urgency factor

The digital marketplace is highly competitive and it is both ways. On one hand brands are competing to get their products and solutions noticed, on the other hand consumers are competing to get the best deals. You can leverage this to your benefit with the help of CTAs and inducing the urgency factor can do the trick. Some examples of how you can entice your customers are, ‘Hurry, offer ends today’, ‘Register now for the exclusive offer’ etc.

3. Make a connection

Sometimes you need to build a deeper connection with your consumers to sell your products/solutions. To do this, a simple command will not be effective. You have to judge the situation and the TG you are catering to and have to tweak your CTA strategy accordingly. You can use CTAs which goes beyond just telling what your brand does and can state what exactly your customer can gain. Give a personal touch to your approach. This not only builds trust but inspires a customer to go for the purchase. An example of this kind of CTA can be – ‘Sign up for our virtual platform, refer to your clients and get 45% commission on each billing!

  1. Ask questions

5 TIPS FOR CRAFTING CALL TO ACTIONS THAT DRIVE CONVERSIONS ON SOCIAL MEDIA Kestone 5Audience tend to react to questions that are more aligned to their problem statements. This style of crafting CTAs work when you research and work on perceived problem and promise to give an immediate solution. An example of such CTA is – ‘Are you looking for sales conversions from your social posts? Click here to know the secrets of online lead generation.’

  1. It’s all about ‘them’

Remember, your customers are most important, so everything should revolve around them. While writing a description and most importantly a CTA, use ‘YOU’ more often than ‘I’ or ‘WE’. It makes the customers feel special as usage of ‘YOU’ makes a communication conversational instead of just bragging about your product or services.

5 TIPS FOR CRAFTING CALL TO ACTIONS THAT DRIVE CONVERSIONS ON SOCIAL MEDIA kestone 4Though these are just some basic tips, remember that there are no absolute thumb-rules which can restrict you. The best thing about digital marketing is that you have lot of room to experiment with things and keeping an eye on the trends and consumer aspirations can really help you in crafting the right CTA for your next social media campaigns.

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