5 Reasons Your Audience is Not Turning up for Your Virtual Events (and How to Fix It)


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You have a great event planned, the sessions are well designed, the aesthetics are in place, you are outreaching to your TG. Still audience is not turning up for your virtual events? Well, this is the most pressing issue that every virtual event service provider face, especially when the key deliverable is not just the experience itself, but also to generate audience.

Since your customer engagement team is giving a lot of efforts, some slight change of action can make all the difference.

Here are the 5 reasons you should consider if desired audience is not turning up for your virtual event.

Does it sound like a pitch?

Audience GenerationWhether your audience generation process involves tele-marketing or email marketing, your communication shouldn’t sound like a pitch. When it comes to virtual events, audience always look for engaging content than anything else. Hence, the approach should be to share as much valuable information or unique data points as possible. The most common way to achieve that is to make the team aligned to the objective. Then it can be followed by mock calls and test-run emailers to a smaller group to analyse the response. For-e.g., instead of straightaway talking about the event, once can share insights on previous engagements and information specific to the relevant industry. This will enhance the credibility and the target audience will be in a good place to know further about the features of the event. Besides, the audience always want to hear what their peers have done. So, this minor fixing can do the trick.

Giving attention to preferences for pre-event engagement

Today, collaboration is the key to success in any marketing effort. Please review if your current communication is one way. If you want more audience then the communication must be both ways. The best way to fix it is to make the audience your active collaborator. Ask for suggestions on what they would like in the event, which kind of speakers and session topics would be of interest to them. This will also increase the chances of the event being referred to more audiences by them. This will also help you to create and curate more targeted content which can be important marketing tool and point of references.

Tag the key speakers in your pre-event social promotions. Ask them to share your story

Audience Generation StrategyWhile doing social promotions of a virtual event, active tagging can be magical. You might be doing a lot of organic and paid campaigns, but these small actions can actually help you get more audience. After you have on-boarded speakers and though leaders for your event, tag them in your social posts. Also ask them to share the posts on their handles. In almost all cases they are more than happy to share this, after-all they are as excited as you for the event. This increases the chances of getting a decent amount of quality audiences from their network. You can also walk the extra mile and create personalized mailers which can be circulated on the speaker’s behalf.



What’s in there for the audience?

No matter how well planned or tight your event is, audience always look for what’s there for them. In the case of virtual events real-time networking is one of the most sought-after things. So, be clear and transparent on the kind of profile they can expect in the event. Be specific and share information that will excite the audience. For e.g., you can share a snapshot of the report by saying ‘250 CXOs from healthcare and Pharma have already registered. Around 150 are leading specialty surgeon themselves’

teemu-paananen-bzdhc5b3Bxs-unsplash (1)

Introduce early bird contents and incentives

Pre event contents are a great way to entice audience. If you are wondering why audience is not turning up, maybe this is the right time to add contents in your pre-event engagement. In a physical event audience take into account factors like venue, food, accessibility other than the core content before registering. But in virtual event these tangible things are not there. So, you have to replace those with some lucrative options which have the same tangible value. You can do this by introducing early bird contests. You can also share some token for showing interest and registering for a virtual event. This can be achieved through tele-marketing, blended with social media promotions.

Take a pause, review these tried and tested methods and some minor adjustments will make your audience generation plan comprehensive enough to do the trick.




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