5 Proven Channels for Marketing SAAS Products


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The global SaaS market is expected to grow 600% faster than the global economy which undoubtedly points to the fact that the industry is booming.

In the midst of so many SaaS entrepreneurs, how do you differentiate your business from the rest? Check out these 5 proven marketing channels that can give your SaaS products the edge over your competition.

  1. Welcome SaaS Content Marketing

To grow your SaaS product and uniquely position it in the market, you must take full advantage of the SaaS content marketing strategies. This helps the marketer identify solutions for an array of customer pain points and challenges.

The focal point in this case is on features and not the outcomes. The idea is to design the answers by aligning with the main questions that potential customers may ask throughout their SaaS buyer’s lifecycle.

At the point of creating your SaaS content strategy, it is essential that you concentrate on developing quality content that is relevant and helps to engage your audience. The objective of the content is to endear your SaaS product to a wide audience base that is geared towards solving a specific problem.

Additionally, you must ensure that the content is optimised for the search engine to boost the visibility of your brand and in turn, the SaaS products. It should be persona driven and must offer value to prospective clients in the long term.

  1. Adopt a SaaS SEO Strategy

SEO for SaaS comes with the ability to drive leads to your website and result in conversions. This is important because the prospects that come through this funnel are organic which means that the business has a greater chance of getting a hard sale out of them.

A process of lead nurturing will be the critical gamechanger in this instance.

SaaS SEO is not just limited to optimising blog posts and inserting high volume keywords in the content. It also means vetting your entire website and ensuring that it is integrated with the right set of SEO keywords that is most relevant to your business and can drive traffic to your site.

Moreover, it also helps improve your rankings on search engines without having to depend on a massive ad budget for specific search terms and phrases.

Other benefits include gaining backlinks from domains with high authority as well as creating high quality referrals. Try some A/B testing that will generate the right data and insights basis which you can design your SEO SaaS strategy that can generate the appropriate visibility for your SaaS business.

  1. Embrace SaaS PPC Campaigns

While SaaS content marketing and SEO strategies should get your marketing efforts going on the right track, it may take some time to deliver tangible results. If you are short on time, you can also explore SaaS PPC campaigns that can get you in front of your target audience right away through various paid media channels.

Additionally, investing in SaaS PPC campaigns can be great if you wish to spend more time on product development and less on marketing. You can design campaigns that help to scale the marketing efforts in a shorter time span whilst generating a return on your investment in paid media.

Make sure you select the right paid media channels which are best aligned to your B2B SaaS platforms. Generally, SaaS companies have generated better results from Google, both with retargeting ads, as well as text-based organic search ads.

Research to know exactly which keywords, long-tail keywords, and variations to use in order to get your links in front of the right people at the lowest cost-per-click.

  1. Leverage SaaS Social Media Strategies

SaaS companies should not stay away from leveraging the power of social media marketing to expand their reach to a wider audience base. Along with that, social media can be a great platform to enhance brand awareness and boost sales whilst generating customer loyalty.

The social media strategy should ideally be designed keeping in mind the channels where your customers spend the highest among of time. The content that you share on these social media channels must be engaging and pique the interest of your prospective customers.

It should also give them an opportunity to interact with the brand. You can even take your SaaS social media marketing efforts a notch up by including some relevant influencer marketing campaigns to promote your SaaS products.

  1. Explore SaaS Account-Based Marketing

SaaS ABM or account-based marketing is quickly gaining popularity among B2B SaaS business owners as it is a great way to increase lead inflow simply by personalising the marketing approach and materials.

ABM is all about targeting high revenue accounts by concentrating on these core five areas that include content, messaging, automation, reporting and data. The communication is tailored to match the needs of your marketing basis the needs of each individual account. This increases the possibility of conversion significantly.

With valuable insights, SaaS marketers can easily make adjustments to the ABM campaigns to generate better ROI.


Leads understandably are the lifeblood of any SaaS company.

When you combine these proven marketing channels and establish the right mix of platforms, you will be sure to get the desired outcome that will help generate sales for your SaaS products.



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