5 Metrics to Check to Make Sure Your Google Ads are Generating Leads


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If content is the king, treat data as your queen. After all your paid digital marketing shouldn’t go in vain and you must make sure your every penny counts. While you are ready with some great ad ideas to reach out to your most relevant audience, these 5 google ad metrics will drive you closer to sales.

When it comes to digital ads and the objective is generating quality leads, there no better option than Google Ads. Though Facebook has picked up quite well in the domain of digital advertising, paid campaigns still works best on Google Ads.

Here’s what you need to know about Google Ads in the first place

Google ads is the most commonly and widely used platform. This is due to the reason that they are the most effective in matching your campaign with user intent. In a landscape where everything is driven by data, Google ads effectively pushes your product and services basis the worldwide search metrics. As per a 2019 report the search engine market share for Google alone was more than 94%. It gives a clear picture how people more likely to find your products and services if your campaign is on Google ads.

What are 5 key metrics that you should consider for generating leads?


Conversions are measured by the number of clicks on your ad and the actions taken through the clicks. The actions can be predefined on the basis of your objective. It can be a re-direction to your website or a sign-up. In terms of generating leads, it is considered to be the most important metric. This metric allows you to count your conversions and keep a visible track of the performance of your ads.

2.Conversion Rate

It is the most important metric after conversion because it ultimately leads to a more detailed evaluation of your ad performance. Conversion Rate gives a more detailed picture of your return on investments and will generate valuable insights on how your brand is performing. A higher conversion rate is equally proportional to how many leads you have generated from clicks and the number of leads you have converted to happy customers. Another important aspect of CR is that it gives an idea about rate trends so that you can compare and measure the performance of your PPC on other platforms.

3. CTR (Click Through Rate)

CTR is crucial for your digital campaign, especially when the objective is to generate leads. Now that you have spent a lot of your precious time and money to create the most relevant and carefully curated ads, it’s important to know the results. CTR is of utmost importance here as it helps you to drive insights on how many people have actually clicked your ads. Calculated by dividing number of clicks with number of impressions, CTR helps you to do comparative analysis with your competitor’s campaigns and also tells you a lot about the scope of improvements, adjustments and modifications in your ads.

4. Keywords

Consumers perceptions are changing every minute, so as their search preferences. It has been observed that while creating digital campaigns, brands struggle the most in deciding and shortlisting the right keywords that will match the search trends. It is the aspect that decides how many people will find your ads in the first place. Here are some ways through which you can choose the most relevant keywords as they form the basis of your ads.

  • Review your keywords’ clicks regularly, identify the keywords that are not performing well and remove or replace those keywords.
  • Get more impressions, clicks and conversions by using keyword match types to control your ads and creating a kind of filter to find out who sees your ads.
  • Know whether your keywords are triggering the ads by running a keyword diagnosis.
  • Create a separate list for all the negative keywords. This will help you to get out of the irrelevant searches.

5. Cost

Cost is an important metric since everything depends on how wisely you use it. No matter how smart your ad is, you should have a clear idea of where your money is going. Google ads can help you in determining whether your ad is performing in terms of the cost you have incurred. It further helps you to trim down the excess and focus only on the most relevant aspects of the ad.

Though the word of Google ads is like a sea which reveals new exciting possibilities the more you explore, these above-mentioned metrics are the broad foundation on which you can build your digital advertising strategy and get started with enhanced assurance of success.



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